Planica Museum

Planica represents a synonim for courage, innovation and development. With more than 40 world records, it has become a popular tourist attraction.

Take a walk down memory lane of 80 years of world-class achievements!

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The Planica Museum is located in the central building of the Planica Nordic Centre. There, an invaluable heritage of the Slovenian sport history is stored. You will get to learn about the heroes of the world-class ski jumping elite, about the technical development of the jumping hill, the equipment used in different periods in history and more!


It All Started Back in 1934 …

The phenomenon of ski flying in 1934 has triggered a real Planica sensation. From a small, yet unknown country, the world was informed about a new world record. Planica sky-rocketed to the top of the sports-map.

Two Magic Thresholds

Here, we first witnessed ski flights over 100 and 200 metres and other historic events. Now you can experience all these in the museum, which is dedicated to the history of ski jumping and ski flying.


  1. Kranjska Gora